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It's been fun, but now it's time to move on and I think everyone who wanted one has received it by now.
If, for ANY reason, I missed someone or circumstances just didn't mesh, send me an email request and I'll send you a PDF version...not the same as an actual, signed book...but the price (free) is right.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Penn State...go figure

Penn Staters can finally rest easy.

After almost four years, we have successfully:
  • Redesigned/neutered our Lion
  • Put Joe Paterno on a can of beer
  • Arranged seven home football games (nine, if you count Temple and Maryland)
That's pretty much it.
Nothing says Success with Honor like a pastel lion and a sixpack of JoePa.
Meanwhile, absolutely nothing has improved with PSUBOT governance and the courts grind on.

It's been a while since I set pen to paper...well, blogger fingers to keyboard.
I have my reasons.
I must say, I was genuinely surprised by the number of views this blog got and the overall support I received. I appreciate it. I stay fairly active on Twitter and other social media sites, but after several years of posting, reading and digesting as much information on the Sandusky scandal as I could, I detected some seismic shifts that generally cause me to walk away:
  • The general public recognizes more people who cover the events than the subjects of the story. Daily doses of egos and infighting haven't brought much to the party that would be considered useful information....evidence.
  • People and reporters co-mingle on Twitter like BFFs.
  • With few exceptions, until recently, people continue to treat Spanier, Curley and Schultz as an afterthought. That has pissed me off since day one.
  • I'm not writing a book (yet), nor making a movie. I don't care to debate anyone because I don't see how that would contribute to a solution.
It still was tempting to continue, given the endless stream of characters. Nevertheless, the repetition was mind numbing. But, mostly, there has always been such a contrast between what was written/posted and what was actually going on, that my quality time was better spent with real people, in real places, in real time. Working with people who focus on evidence and the legal grind is not nearly as dramatic as chat rooms or as entertaining as blogging, but it's where this is all going to get settled, one way or another.

In addition:
- After I went to the BOT alumni-elected only meeting, it was painfully clear that if THEY can't do anything about their mess, what could I possibly add.
- I wrote an LTE to the CDT endorsing Spanier's suit against Louis Freeh and others. It was McCue'd into the ground in the comment section. Now, there are several points to make about comment sections that are important. (1) Commenters are not held to the same criteria/vetting as the original letter writer. (2) Commenters wage war with each other until the original point is lost. (3) A simple "agree" or "disagree" box would suffice. (4) Publishers can control this aspect of online response, same as print versions, but apparently choose not get hits. (5) As a lifetime free speech advocate, I can actually make a case for how runaway comment sections STIFLE freedom of expression. Bernie McCue and others are known quantities to those of us in the business. I could care less what he thinks/says...but the average citizen doesn't write for fear of being shouted down by some nutcases. Suppression that's not obvious.
- I've written about Kelley, Noonan, Corbett, Emmert, Freeh, Masser, Frazier, Surma, Lubert, Poole, Raykovich, Tomalis, McQueary, Baldwin, Romlinger, Matt Sandusky,  Mitchell...and everyone else I could think of. Guess what? They all seem to be doing just fine.

- The entire PA justice system is suing each other, filing charges against each other...or looking for a lap dance.
- Matt Sandusky changed his first name to Harley.
- PSAA is a mini BOT.
- Jay Paterno signed with the Brewers.
- People still don't know what CAC stands for, where it's located or the criteria it operates under.
- If you want to know what a mandatory reporter looks like, do what I do and look in a mirror.
- Someone was bragging the other day about over 5,000 people having been trained to report child abuse. It's kinda sad that people have to be TRAINED to do the obvious.
- Blaming the media for everything is getting tiresome. Being specific is the way to go. There are obvious bias issues with both individuals and some publishers, but condemning an entire industry is still generalizing. There ARE a lot of good journalists out there. Focus on them.
- Corman's "win" lasted about 10 seconds. Only cost us $60 attorney's fees. Of course, he allowed the NCAA a "good faith" closure and the PSUBOT signed off on it. ALL the trustees.
- PSUBOT has been kinda quiet lately. Committee appointments will do that. Ted Brown has a newsletter over on Facebook that you can subscribe to. Anybody do that? Worthwhile? Generally, I can assume subscriptions mean data mining.
- If PA was a boat, it would have capsized by now.
- Is there anyone who has contributed more to uncovering actual evidence than Ryan Bagwell's RTK efforts and Sunshine Fund? That's rhetorical. The answer is "no."
- Dana Harris continues to send out emails with relevant links to articles and documents. Thank you.
- If you have $10,000 to give to charity, then just do it...why ransom it with a debate challenge? (I know the answer to this one).
- Blehar and others continue to pour over documents and timelines...information that is useful in court.
- How can "409" bite you in the ass on the national stage? Olbermann on the Tonight Show with David Letterman set the bar. Olbermann said unforgivable things about PSU and THON. And yet, all he had to say was "Penn State sued the NCAA to get back football wins, so they're happy." Letterman showed his disgust and that was it. In 30 seconds, they flipped an entire studio audience and millions of viewers. Millions.
- It is incumbent upon all citizens to challenge the finances of any charity, any time, anywhere. If someone takes umbrage, they're hiding something.
- I tried to explain presentments. The one person I recall publicly reaming the process was Rob Tribeck.
- John Zeigler continues to press for a new trial for Jerry Sandusky. Not without merit. Matt Sandusky under cross would be worth the price of admission.
- Are there any public statements from the Paternos supporting Spanier, Curley or Schultz? I would appreciate link(s). Thanks in advance.
- A recent publication post included this observation: "Joe Paterno would be proud of James Franklin."
Apparently, I missed the seance where we would find out who and what he would be proud of nowadays.
In the meantime, 10,000 PSU freshmen replied with "Joe who?"

That's where we are.

Every single court case of significance revolves around the testimony of these 3 people. Only one person is taking on all three of them:
Graham Spanier
If Spanier wins his suit against Freeh, or even settles, everything else unravels...the PSUBOT, NCAA, Consent Decree, the presentment...everything. Don't forget, it was Freeh who crucified Paterno along with everyone else. All the eggs are in one basket and Penn Staters would do well to get behind their former president on this.


As usual, I will leave you with this:
"...the presumption of innocence is essential to the criminal process. The mere mention of the phrase presumed innocent keeps judges and juries focused on the ultimate issue at hand in a criminal case: whether the prosecution has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the alleged acts. The people of the United States have rejected the alternative to a presumption of innocence—a presumption of guilt—as being inquisitorial and contrary to the principles of a free society."


*I will not be posting on a regular basis.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Penn State. Up close.

Poll Dancing
Alumni trustee positions are up for grabs. It seems as though there are quite a few qualified candidates, so I encourage y'all to exercise your right to be heard at the polls. It is no secret that I favor replacing any and all trustees that played a part in the Sept., 2011 decisions and the subsequent atrocities.
I was going to have one of my daughters or sons write a letter to the editor,
but Joel Myers beat me to it.

It has been a while, so try to bear with me.

Over the past 2-plus years, I've made it a point to go to several "March for Truth" and/or "Under Further Review" events, meet-and-greets for trustee candidates (Doran, McCombie, Oldsey, Brown), lunches, dinners and several casual get-togethers with the Blehars, Masellas, Ryan Bagwell, Ben Novak, John Zeigler, Franco Harris, Bob Tribeck, Eileen Morgan, Anthony Lubrano and others. Sometimes just a handshake, sometimes more.
I've had a chance to sit and chat with some people who know my Twitter handle or read this blog, but I generally find myself apologizing for not walking around introducing myself at most events. I'm not very good at "working the room." It's not that I'm anti-social, it's mostly because I'm vocally handicapped (crushed vocal chords, talk in a whisper) and I don't wake up in the morning thinking people are dying to meet me. I've seen and met people who have traveled considerable distances to attend these events and volunteers/groups who work exceedingly hard to support them.
The point is this:
I like to see people in person just to satisfy my curiosity. There's body language, voice inflection, interactions with others that transcend the written word...and even staged broadcasts. There's a dedication and better sense of purpose to observe. I know, I know, it's old fashioned, but I like to look people in the eye. Much better than tapping "like" on a keyboard. There are a lot of people out there in front of LCD screens, pounding those keyboards, "telling it like it is"... that don't show up in real life...and they don't actually know "how it is."
The MAIN point is this:
I'm not an attorney, nor a legal analyst, nor a movie producer. Whether they fight with each or not, if it weren't for people like Blehar, Bagwell, Zeigler, Morgan, Harris, etc....and groups like PS4RS...none of the rest of us would have had much to talk about for the last 2+ years.

It's not exactly a secret that I grew up here, I live here, I work here...and I know a lot of people in this story...attorneys, judges, witnesses, defendants, trustees, current and former administrators, athletes, coaches, trainers, editors and reporters. Some are personal friends, some family friends, some acquaintances. Some of us go back decades, some more than 50 years. I know their families and they know mine. We've been on the same teams (maybe different years) at PSU and the same lettermen's club...from the same high school, even. Our children grew up together, and in some cases, our grandchildren.
I have seen the damage up close.
The point is this:
It would appear that I am uniquely qualified to have an opinion on everything.
But, it's not that simple. I've been in this business for so long that I know much of what I would say would be dismissed as biased, so why bother. It is more useful for me to make observations, show support, eliminate noise and maintain focus on constitutional rights. It is easy for me to disregard 95% of what I hear and read. I concentrate on facts and what key people have said or done that is a matter of public record. Then I spread a little sarcasm on the whole mess and put it out there.
The MAIN point is this:
There is a significant difference between showing support and making an empirical decision as to one's guilt or innocence. I don't try to convince people of anything, convert them, change their minds or God forbid, think like I do. On the other hand, a lot of other people seem to have all the answers. They are certain. I have spent over 2 years reading articles/opinions written by people that I'm not sure they've ever met the people they are writing about. I'm not sure they've ever been to Happy Valley or even set foot on Penn State's campus.
How is that possible?
I made this test almost a year ago. Anyone is free to compare notes:
Rate your reactionary investment and knowledge in all things Penn State:


There are a handful of things that have happened that I believe are worth a mention:
  1. (paraphrasing)  A judge ruled that "the crime is the access to children, not the location of the act(s)."
  2. (paraphrasing) A legal precedent has been set with regard to a "supervisor's" responsibility for the action of others.
  3. There is more traction over in the Paterno+ vs. NCAA lawsuit.
  4. ABC released the complete 2-hour interview with Graham Spanier.
  5. Spanier vs. Freeh is still heating up
  6. Ryan Bagwell's RTK efforts continue to let the "sun shine in."
QUESTION: If Joe Paterno had not been dragged into this and the NCAA never imposed football sanctions, how long and how hard do you believe people would have fought for the rights of Spanier, Curley and Schultz?

QUESTION: Anthony Lubrano has been about as outspoken as one person can be, and yet, there have been no fundamental changes in the PSUBOT governance. What comes after replacing all the elected alumni seats?
I agree with those who are fed up with everyone using the Paterno name as a personal platform.
Barry Bozeman and Barbara Doran have both addressed a tragic story.
-- Pontificate: is there a better word to describe a lot of commentary directed at today's student population?: (1) AARP gone wild? (2) I have never found it difficult to bridge the age gap if I stick to fundamental rights (due process, freedom of speech, Bill of Rights, Constitution, etc.) that apply to all of us.(3) If a student refers to me as an old, white-haired, cranky alumnus...I have to concede to accuracy. (4) Bottom line - if the Faculty Senate can't measure up with a vote of no confidence, I don't know what people expect from 18-22yr. old students. (5) The adjectives and slurs aimed at different groups of Penn State students has been insufferable, but, once again, it reflects more on the speaker(s) and I do defend Freedom of Speech. If that's what gets you through the day.
-- Twitter and Facebook: comments sometimes resemble a Tourettes convention.
-- Passion: a word too often used to justify reprehensible behavior.
-- Culture: liberal use of this word to describe a situation quite often means nobody has a factual argument to bring to the table, so a generic, blanket indictment invokes a pointless, heated a farting contest. Nobody wins and all that's left is a bad smell.
-- We have apparently survived several football seasons, coaching changes, Sweet Caroline resurrection, the Grand Marshall snit, 679 motions/appeals/rulings, know, all the important stuff.
-- Matt Sandusky got rich. Corbett is still Governor. Freeh keeps getting hired. Emmert is still NCAA prez. Masser is still PSUBOT prez. It's like a Prozac commercial.
-- Tribeck doesn't get much acknowledgement, but I like the cut of his jib.
-- Al Clemens got it right.
-- Everything has been Fina-lized.
-- The Kane mutiny.
-- I have yet to see "365 Days." Probably because I don't know what the Amish have to do with any
of this.
-- I'm prepping my own movie. Working title is "21,900 Days."
-- I have not seen "Happy Valley." I don't plan to. Pricks.
-- Rodney Erickson ordered a bouquet of Forget-Me-Nots.
-- Penn State's Ag Extension has not gone to the has gone to the ponies.
-- Cynthia Baldwin is queen for a day (if you don't understand this, go to timeout).
-- People will get popcorn and drinks and settle in for a 2-hour HBO special where a serial killer will regale you with detailed accounts of all the atrocities he committed. BUT, only hushed tones and agony prevail when someone tries to shed light on pedophilia.
-- Why would anyone want to be on the PSUBOT? - and don't say "to make a difference."
-- All the accolades heaped upon Penn State...have nothing to do with the BOT.
-- What's the over/under on discovery? 18 months?
-- Thornburgh went on TV to support the Paternos. Then he endorsed Corbett for another term. So, there's that.
-- Rominger. That is all.
-- Jay Paterno ran for Lt. Governor. Tom Corbett ran for cover. Joel Myers ran at the mouth.
None of it went well.
-- 10 PSU student trustee positions were approved by the BOT and they were immediately appointed to the "Who Wants Coffee? Committee." along with all the alumni elected trustees. Their first official act was to hire a consultant. Juan Valdez.
-- McQueary's idea of a "selfie" is a bit different than the rest of ours.
-- According to the vetting process at ESPN, McQueary was abducted by aliens. We know this because he said so. He confessed to it at an "emotionally charged" meeting of Gamblers Anonymous...and then he cried. I may need to confirm all this with Van Natta.

Which brings us to:
I have spared no expense to create the following graphic.
Note the attention to detail.

I was going to do one for Freeh and Baldwin, but, as it turns out, they're exactly the same.
Sticking with the basics
The original charges in the presentment were centered on the credibility of Mike McQueary. More charges were issued following the Freeh Report. Then we have Cynthia Baldwin.
I really don't think you could convict someone of loitering with these 3 as witnesses. Period.
It's called REASONABLE DOUBT. You know, the bedrock of due process.

The Sad Truth
No matter how this turns out in a court of law, I will never forget how easily an entire Board of Trustees and a nation will condemn and turn their backs on 4 men of character with impeccable reputations, based on outrageous accusations (that's what a presentment is, folks). Showing support for these men would have had nothing to do with guilt or innocence, it had a lot to do with integrity and respect for the system. It is one thing to be outraged at how things are managed or mismanaged, but, goddammit, there's a line in the sand if you are going to accuse someone of being a pedophile or people who would knowingly protect or enable one. If the system is broke, fix the system. We are all responsible for the welfare of children, and to claim that 4 people are less inclined to do so is patently absurd. For people to say they would have done this...or would have done that, that's horseshit and everybody knows it. You can't know what you would have done, because you weren't there. Even the people who were there don't seem to know what happened. It has become painfully obvious that arresting and convicting people of these crimes is a procedural nightmare. Hopefully, the experts can figure it out.

People can piss and moan and hurl insults all day long. I don't really care. I can find the little nuggets of effort that contribute to a solution.
It is easy to get sidetracked with all the issues and personalities surrounding this story. That's why I choose to concentrate on Constitutional Rights.
When writing opinion, I know that facts are not required and I could be wrong about anything I've written. Sometimes, you just go with your gut.

We Are.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sandusky settlements / Penn State BOT

Before I get started, mark your calendars:
I can only hope this is an epic event.

The Penn State Board of Trustees answers to nobody.
My favorite, recent post:

 3 things that have bothered me the most for some time now:
- Nobody seems to care about the rights of Spanier, Curley or Schultz.
- Two people have admitted knowing the true nature of Jerry Sandusky: Tom Corbett and Matt Sandusky...and they seem to be untouchable.
- Nothing of significance has changed. Lots of shiny objects going on.

Settlements are unsettling...where to start?

The elephant in the room: Matt Sandusky

I have written about him for a long time and very few people seemed to notice or care, until recently. I believe there is a significant difference between making reasonable inquiries as opposed to accusations...and his storyline and all public information begged a lot of questions...and nobody offered any explanations. So, here we are, again...probably a day late and a dollar short (figuratively and literally).

Review this:

"Local Pennsylvania newspaper The Patriot-News released the court records of Matt Sandusky's adoption, including a letter that he wrote to the court imploring the judge to allow him to stay with the family. 
'I would like to be placed back with the Sanduskys. I feel that they have supported me even when I have messed up. They are a loving caring group of people. I love both my biological family and the Sandusky family,' he wrote at the time. 
Matt has been unflinching in his support of the family, singing their praises to a sports Illustrated reporter when Jerry Sandusky left Penn State in 1999.
'My life changed when I came to live here,' says Matt. 
'There were rules, there was discipline, there was caring. Dad put me on a workout program. He gave me someone to talk to, a father figure I never had. I have no idea where I'd be without him and Mom. I don't even want to think about it. And they've helped so many kids besides me,' he continued. 
Matt is still extremely close with his family, and that hasn't seemed to change since the news of the scandal, much to his ex-wife's chagrin."

Review this from Eileen Morgan:,1374106/

Liability issues seem to have a life of their own. 

I would assume Penn State has liability coverage for any kind of crime/injury/mishap on it's property. So would the Second Mile (hauling children all over the state...accidents, injuries, etc.). Kinda like us having homeowner's insurance for when a thief gets injured breaking into our house and we have to pay for his hospital bills. There's a difference between approving money earmarked for payment...and actually paying it out. I'll give trustees the benefit of the doubt on that one.
However, the willingness to accept guilt tracks back to presentment days. Also, there was a public accounting of dissent at the last BOT meeting (emerti status) the fact that trustees cannot dissent on anything doesn't seem to hold up.

Apparently, we have no right to's like we are the poor relatives

When it comes to traveling in high circles or power groups, I am the guy drinking shots and beer at the mimosa convention. I'm not a good fit at country clubs and garden parties, either. I know all this.
I have no money problems...because I have no money.
It doesn't make me stupid.
Read this and explain to me how much money bonds are worth, how much money was lost in the drop of interest rates...and $883million in debt?

"The rating has a stable outlook because the victims’ claims should be manageable at that lower ranking, Moody’s said."
"A Penn State bond maturing in 2040 traded yesterday to yield 3 percent, compared with 3.2 percent on July 24, according to data compiled by Bloomberg."

  • Apparently, you can commit almost any kind of crime today...if you claim to be a Sandusky victim.
  • There is no point in even discussing a fair trial.
  • "False narrative" is catchy, but it just isn't strong enough.
  • PSU is not settling with victims to prevent anything else....doesn't make sense. Anyone withholding information from an ongoing criminal investigation is commiting a crime.
  • There is a BIG difference between criminal and civil trials...take the O.J. Simpson case for example...or just ask Ken Frazier.
  • I thought they said "morale" officer...and the fencing coach just wasn't peppy enough.
  • There is a word for "conflict of interest": Lubert...or Frazier...or...
  • When you start keeping score with money, you de-humanize everything.
  • The BOT answers to a higher power: Moody, Standard & Poor.
  • Khoury: the BOT does not "force" trustees to alter independent decisions...they are given "choices": (1) Our way, or (2) the hallway.
  • The Penn State Board of Trustees has agreed to settle with the victims of the BP oil spill.
  • LaVarr Arrington is selling "Free Joe" t-shirts for $15ea. Think about that.
  • The BOT committee on governance formed a sub-committee to "search" for candidates to hire an expert on governance. Well played.
  • Recent tweets: "I thought they said DON AMECHE."
  • I'm calling a moratorium on all words that begin with "mal"....except "content."
  • How exactly is one supposed to break through the following for relevant information?: ongoing investigation, confidentiality issues, non-disclosure, GJ secret, attorney/client privelege, personnel matters(HR).......
  • These are separate issues with me: PSU and the BOT,  Freeh and the NCAA, criminal and civil actions, Joe Paterno and the Paterno family.
  • The only thing I remember about 1998 is that it was preceded by 1997 and followed almost immediately by 1999. I Googled it to be certain.
  • NCAA lawsuit: legal experts maintain that only people who can prove monetary damages (Paterno licensed merchandise) have a chance. PSU and/or the football team is not part of the suit.
  • Do people go on Twitter just to screw up their reputations?
Take celebrity out of the equation. 

It doesn't matter to me whether the coach's name is Joe Paterno, Joe Palooka or Joe College. I stand and fight on constitutional rights...and they have been trampled on. McGettigan and Fina didn't need to hold a press conference to show us they had nothing on Paterno. They had nothing on anyone else, either...and now, they continue to affect upcoming trials with unsubstantiated remarks. The scathing indictment of Joe Paterno (and Spanier, Curley, Schultz) was by Louis Freeh...and endorsed by the BOT, both in his report and personally...only Spanier got it right.

People who have expressed the possibility of another Pulitzer Prize in this saga are more right than they know. But it has to come from outside the Penn State community and from people who can take an unbiased view of the facts.


The definitive site(s) when it comes to factual analysis:

Zeigler v. McGettigan/Fina:

"This Consent Decree may be modified or clarified by mutual written consent of the parties."

Masser apologized. Not to Penn State, the community, the alumni. He apologized to the...BOT:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Penn State's money pit


Or, as I call it...Stealth Management.
First, it's probably important to list my credentials regarding wealth management:

It's like Penn State's Board of Trustees is this bunch of ninjas scooting around with bags of money and POOF!...they're gone. Wait...there they are. Nope. Gone again. Sneaky little bastards.
Of course, the problem here is that most ninjas are NOT old, fat, short, bald...or wearing pearls.

Let's review, shall we?:
They have a "rainy day fund" that must support some 3rd world countries, they have figured out how to make $45 million (reportedly) in interest on $60 million in loans to the Athletic Department (and...don't forget part of the new scoreboard), they are their own bank and health insurance company...and who else can put $2 million in a line item expense named "other"...? They approved "victim" payments without due process. They have not submitted to background checks nor conflict of interest issues.

Everything you need to know about the current status of Penn State's Board of Trustees:
1. Check the list on the President's Selection Committee.
2. Silvis needed 14 votes to become vice-chairman...and he got them.
In other words, since November, 2011...and with new is business as usual.

I can only assume that racism, cronyism, exploitation, vendettas, bullying, disrespect for alumni, lack of transparency, lack of due process, just hunkydorry with the Faculty Senate.

If you want to know what trustees are thinking, ask a proctologist.


  • NCAA: As deplorable as Emmert is, when you have that many pigs at the doesn't matter which one is the head hog.
  • The Sandusky appeal has been moved to The Bryce Jordan Center.
  • Jerry gets a pension? Matt gets a "victim" settlement?
  • The PSU PR flacks have gone back to poll dancing.
  • I Googled "America's Most Trusted Journalists" and my name wasn't on the list. My crest fell. All you need to know - Jon Stewart, a comedian, topped the list.
  • For all my in-depth sports sourcing, I turn to...The Wall Street Journal.           
  • Ken Frazier is not a racist... (1) He just makes racist remarks...that's different. (2) When making a point, everybody uses the O.J.Simpson trial. (3) All publishing and marketing is racist...we just call it demographics.
  • When describing Tom Corbett, the adjective "liar' doesn't seem to have enough punch. I recommend adding "pathological."
  • There is no court of public opinion...just public reaction.
  • " A Tragic Day for Penn State" was brought to us by a magistrate, former law enforcement officer with the DA's office and no law degree. You would think someone with his background might know what tragic really is... his commentary, for instance.                  
  • "Old Main Screwed Up" was brought to us by the ever-popular Mike McQueary. Aside from being a generic, blame-shifting hearsay quote of a dead is roughly the equivalent of "The Dog Ate My Homework" excuse for not doing whatever it was you were supposed to do.
  • With characters like Dr. Drano and Judge Futile...we're starting to look like a Batman sequel.
  • I really expected the lettermen's club to come down on Surma like the wrath of God.
  • Everyone should be suing Freeh and the BOT (not to be confused with Penn State)...not the NCAA.

I use the the "Aunt Barb" test. Anyone who grew up here knows this one - you cannot pick your nose in this county without everyone knowing about it. If anyone knew, or even thought Jerry Sandusky was a aunt Barb would have known...and so would everyone else.

The original charges against Curley and Schultz had nothing to do with putting Jerry Sandusky behind bars. It was a pre-emptive misdirection from Corbett, the DA's office, law enforcement and other responsible government agencies when the story broke. It is fairly obvious that the DA's office cut a least 2 deals - one with a journalist and one with a "witness."

My biggest fear:
People like Corbett, Freeh, Emmert, Surma, Broadhurst, Baldwin, Raykovitz and Frazier are going to walk away from this rich and unscathed.

and, finally...Who's gonna pay for all this?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sandusky and the Shock Doctrine

Will the real Penn State please stand up?

Let me reduce this to something everyone probably already knows:
Penn State's "reputation" is just fine...thank. you. very. much.

Trustee Joel Myers tries to bring a little sunshine into our lives as the designated PR telling us things we already know about Penn State. He omitted a critical fact: Penn State's reputation is stellar IN SPITE of the conduct of The Board of Trustees. These 2 things should NEVER be confused. The BOT does not do the teaching or research, does not perform in the classroom or in athletics. Nor do they hire those that do.

Who's minding the store?
Penn State is a $4 BILLION/YEAR sandbox. PER YEAR. Who gets to play in it? (that was rhetorical)...the BOT. When they get done pushing this pile of money around...they get to do it all over again...year after year. I've had interesting discussions lately about who exactly took charge of the money when they (AG, Corbett, PSUBOT) effectively removed four of the most influential people at Penn State? What exactly happened between 11/5/11 and 11/11/11...and why? Who has control of this place?

Which brings me to this---there is a theory or phenomenom called The Shock Doctrine. I'm just putting it out there as a compelling explanation with some merit. Look it up. Here are some discriptions:
  • "a perfect setup for cronyism and profiteering."
  • "a deliberate strategy of certain leaders to exploit crises by pushing through controversial, exploitative policies while citizens were too busy emotionally and physically reeling from disasters or upheavals to create an effective resistance."
  • "using the public’s disorientation following massive collective shocks –  to achieve control by imposing economic shock therapy. Sometimes, when the first two shocks don’t succeed in wiping out resistance, a third shock is employed."
  • "exploited crises to push through an agenda that has nothing to do with resolving those crises, and everything to do with imposing their vision of a harsher, more unequal, less democratic society."
  • "a compelling account of the way big business and politics use disasters for their own ends"
  • "Nearly always, they are developed in secrecy and implemented too rapidly for citizens to respond."
That's scary close to what's going on around here.
Then, just for giggles, add this definition:
SOC-IO-PATH: "long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of other. This behavior is often criminal."


- With regard to the BOT's bragging rights over addressing 119 recommendations, I will offer this analogy: Even turds can bob to the surface...that doesn't make them flotation devices. Nice try, though.
- If you hire a hitman (Freeh), you are as guilty as the man who pulled the trigger.
- I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but I do believe in greed and opportunism. The public documentation and facts clearly show that Corbett, Kelly, Tomalis, Surma, Frazier, Eckel, Dambly, Peetz, Masser, etc., saw an opportunity and seized upon it. And Freeh was paid to endorse it. And while I'm at it, apparently the Faculty Senate is OK with all this. Throw in some conflicts of interest, personal vendettas, racism...and I think we're approaching Hallmark Card status.

Louis Freeh: "This is a Harley."
- It's as though Freeh held up a photo of a Vespa...and "concluded" it was a Harley. People went "Yes! Of course it is!" But, using the Freeh Report in a court of law would be like riding a scooter into a biker's probably not going to end well.
- There is a cast of thousands and dozens of back stories, and I see people drifting off on tangents, personality pissing matches....basically falling for misdirection from the central  issues:


- Bored of Trustees, too.
- I'm a Blehar fan...have been for quite a while. His attention to detail, evidence, testimony, vetting, cooboration, timelines, etc., has provided most of us with an education in legalities that is staggering.
- More and more, Twitter reminds me of my spam folder.
- In case you missed it: Wendell Courtney found a new firm in Harrisburg.
- John Zeigler's recent interview with Todd Blackledge was one of the very few attempts at humanizing what has happened to people we know and care about.
- The governor doesn't need a vote if he controls 1/3 of the Board.
- The Joyner/FSU AD job qualifications was an education.
- The only person to defend Paterno and sue Freeh: Graham Spanier.
- I'm just glad it's not about football.
- When I think of Penn State lettermen (all sports), I don't think about what they were or what they did as athletes. I am more proud of how they have lived their lives and what they've become since then.
- If you have two people who think exactly only need one of them.
- Ryan Bagwell keeps truckin' along on the RTK issues. Probably should get more recognition than he does.
- Ron Tomalis has surfaced, again, as (1) the driving force to oust Spanier...and (2) using his "experience" to land a $400,000/yr. job in education. Check it out.
- I'm not impressed with dissents over emeriti status when there are no dissents over approving $60million in settlements.
- I'm a Paterno supporter, but I don't get the lawsuit. I'm referring to any BOT or faculty members "joining in." The BOT fired Joe Paterno in disgrace, hired Freeh and "approved" the NCAA consent decree (by policy/procedure). The Faculty Senate never had the stones to give a vote of no confidence, so now they can watch their health benefits go down the toilet with everything else. If this is anyone's way of saying "we screwed up," then they need to go fix it in their own venue. More importantly, this is only about the NCAA's actions...not the insanity that is The Freeh Report...which was financed by and gushed over by, you guessed it...the BOT. Everyone follow that?
- Matt Sandusky keeps changing his name and his testimony. He committed perjury. He has been placed at the scene by "victims." He has placed himself at the scene of "crimes." He never testified in court. He never claimed to have been sexually abused...just creepy stuff. There is something really, really wrong here...and nobody seems to look into it. Is he a victim or a criminal? Is he a witness for the prosecution or a person of interest? Did he cut a deal? Did he sue Penn State? What do the Adult Survivors have to say about this? Are they insulted or happy? Matt Sandusky had nothing to do with the ultimate conviction of Jerry Sandusky. Quite the contrary, it would seem. Those were real victims who came forward and testified.
- Governance Committee forms committee to hire governance expert. JESUSHF*CKINGCHRIST.
- Is Surma really going to get away scot free?

Anyhoo, we are on the eve of the preliminary hearings...and I'll keep it short.
It's been refreshing to see some coverage on four very respectable human beings.

I'll get back to you. We Are.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

All things Penn State

"I have people on the ground."
I love this expression. It's like having journalists embedded in a war zone. So, yes, when it comes to all things Penn State, I have people on the ground...and they are me.

I took a break from blogging and Twitter to test a theory, and here are the results:
1. If you live and work here, there is nothing significant or controversial going on.
2. Life in Happy Valley is pretty much the same as it's always been.

Once again, though, I immerse myself into the issues of the day...and here are the gems:
- America has decided to sue the NCAA. Final results will coincide with my grandkids' AARP cards.
- Corbett's lawsuit was/is nothing more than political posturing. Same with Corman.
- Eckel had a brain fart...and decided to go public with it.
- Myers is as dependable as the weather...and partly cloudy.
- Masser would do well to remember that HE was the "vocal minority" that leaked the Freeh Report and made inflammatory remarks regarding the "conclusions."
- Strange bedfellows: the Paterno suit is joined by members of the very group (BOT) that fired Joe Paterno, accepted the Freeh Report...and members of the faculty that did not give a vote of no confidence. McCombie was the ONLY person to file suit when the event happened...and he was asked to sit on it until due process played out.
- Costas was progress, but still is football/sports. This needs to be over on the news/legal side.
- If you think anyone outside of a small group (Marianne E. Alexander, James S. Broadhurst, Mark H. Dambly, Keith W. Eckel, Kenneth C. Frazier, Edward R. Hintz, Jr., Peter A. Khoury, Ira M. Lubert, Keith E. Masser, Karen B. Peetz, Paul H. Silvis and Linda B. Strumpf) will have any say in hiring PSU's next president, you may want to check back with Ben Novak.
- Sherburne got hired.
- To repeat my earlier assessment of the PSUBOT: "If you put new sparkplugs in a shitty engine, you still have a shitty engine."
- I knew Joe Paterno before Sue did...and I support the Paterno family. I think that covers it.
- "Truthers" and "Joebots" are just condescending tags, generally administered by people with no relevent information to support an opinion.
- I support any effort that discredits the Freeh Report.
- A family of 6 can hardly sit down to dinner without an argument breaking out. With that in mind, I don't expect a group of 10,000-20,000 people to agree on everything. Bottom line, I think PS4RS has demonstrated remarkable organization, dedication and professionalism. Such is the business of activism.
- I have singled out many characters in this melodrama in my previous posts, using information that is public knowledge, not opinion. I haven't seen or read much to change those assessments. If I should, I've made it clear that I'm open to corrections.
- I may be in the running for village idiot, but I would not want to be a prosecutor who is depending on testimony/evidence from McQeary, Baldwin and Freeh. Everything that may or may not happen in the future, rests with Kathleen Kane. Period.
- I could write a book.
- Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz are all innocent. I'll let you know when a court of law says differently.

Rate your reactionary investment and knowledge in all things Penn State:

Level 1: Current PSU student.
Level 2: PSU alum, but that is the extent of your experience.
Level 3: PSU employee, and/or resident of Centre County.
Level 4: PSU alum and PSU employee.
Level 5: PSU alum and former student/athlete.
Level 6: PSU alum and have read, in its entirety - the Linda Kelley presentment, Sandusky trial/testimony, the Freeh Report, the Freeh agreement, the Thornburgh rebuttal, the Clemente report and the comprehensive reports by Ray Blehar and PS4RS, you've seen John Zeigler's "The Framing of Joe Paterno" mini-movie.
Level 7: PSU alum/employee for more than 20 years.
Level 8: At least 3 generations of PSU alums in your family.
Level 9: At least 5 PSU alums in your family.
Level 10: PSU alum/student-athlete/employee, born and raised in Centre County.

Give yourself some bonus points:

1 STAR- have experience as a board member anywhere.
1 STAR- have a degree in journalism, law or political science.
1 STAR- you do charitable opposed to donating money.
1 STAR- you personally know, and are on a first-name basis, with at least 20 of the following people: Jerry Sandusky, Aaron Fisher, Linda Kelley, Kathleen Kane, Stacy Parks-Miller, Joe Amendola, Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, Steve Garban, Dave Joyner, Mark Sherburne, Rodney Erickson, James Broadhurst, Michael DiBerardinis, Ken Frazier, Edward Hintz, Keith Masser, Linda Strumpf, John Surma, Tom Corbett, Richard Allen, Ron Tomalis, Al Clemens, Mark Dambly, Peter Khoury, Ira Lubert, Paul Silvis, Marianne Alexander, Jesse Arnelle, Stephanie Deviney, David Jones, Joel Myers, Anne Riley, Paul Suhey, Keith Eckel, Samuel Hayes, Barron Hetherington, Betsy Huber, Carl Shaffer, Karen Peetz, Anthony Lubrano, Ryan McCombie, Bill Oldsey, Barbara Doran, Ted Brown, Adam Taliaferro, Wendell Courtney, Sara Ganim, Josh Moyer, Audrey Snyder, Ray Blehar, John Zeigler, Franco Harris, Eileen Morgan, Ben Novak, Ryan Bagwell, Mark Emmert, Louis Freeh, John Mitchell, Bob Costas, Mark Schwarz.
1 STAR - You actually know the ownership, distribution and editorial policy of all local media outlets.

1 STAR - You can identify these people.

And finally, you have a 50/50 chance of getting this right:

Believes that Joe Paterno was evil incarnate, the Freeh Report is accurate, the NCAA sanctions are appropriate, PSU officials are guilty of a cover-up, the alumni base is delusional and Happy Valley is nothing short of a pedophile-enabling cabal.

Believes that GROUP A is full of shit.

Of course, this information solves nothing and has no bearing on the outcome of events over which we have no control. There's no right or wrong to it. It is a simple exercise that separates the the curious and opinionated from those with a little more understanding of what's happening and why.
There is a case to made for being better informed, and conversely, there is a case to be made for being prejudicial and taking things personally. I can accept that.

What I find unacceptable is rambling conjecture by people who have not read all the legal documents, do not actually know the people they are writing about, have never set foot in Happy Valley or Penn State's campus...and yet project an opinion of certainty that even I can't muster.

I am clinging to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and due process.

I am LEVEL 10 / 6 STAR / GROUP B